God bless you and your company Patricia

Paklausė Augustinas Laurynas Vladas / 2017-09-25 10:03:10

My name is Alexander tautrimas airidas and i am from Lithuanian i live in a small city in Panevėžys. Have been looking for a loan online since can not get a loan from my bank and have only found people scamming me of my money. Last week i was scammed by a loan company and God know i was ready to end my life but i said to my self let me try and see if i will see a honest company that was ready to help you. So i settled down and search for a company and i read so many good comments about this company Patricia Kingsman and i said let me apply and see if i will be lucky as other people i was afraid but i gave my self a chance and i applied for a loan of 80,000.00 euros i explained to this company that i have been scammed and they told me not to worry that they will help you that they have helped so many people from my country before. So i gave this company a chance and they assured me that in 8 hours time i was going to be with my loan i did not believe but i waited for my loan. In exactly 8 hours time i received an alert from my bank that my account has be credited with 80,000.00 euros. All thanks to Patricia Kinsgman this company is God sent. And i made a promise to my self that i will testify this company on how they helped me this company do not know am doing this now that am telling people on the internet how they helped me so everyone if you need a real loan Patricia Kingsman is here to help you do not be fooled by fake people who clam to be lender. I almost forgot you can only contact this company via mail or whatsapp and there contact details is [email protected] whatsapp is +2348165719944. This company is real and true so anyone that reads this message and you are interested contact this company cause they are the only ones that can help solve your problems.


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